Denver Epoxy Floor Coatings

One reason why some people hesitate to install a full resin flooring system is that they don?t want to give up their space during the installation. Many homeowners prefer epoxy floor coatings instead for faster completion times and service convenience.

The two flooring types share many similarities, and some argue that the benefits remain close enough to side with coatings. No matter what your preferred installation techniques might be,? you need an experienced contractor team for lasting results each time.

At Epoxy Floors Denver, we provide more options for advanced flooring systems throughout the Denver, CO community, and we offer affordable pricing. When you need a straightforward and economical way of enhancing your home, we always have the ideal solution for you.

Denver Epoxy Floor Coatings

See why more area homeowners prefer our epoxy installation contractors over any other flooring company for better results that last. We guarantee a gorgeous new floor coating that continues performing well under pressure no matter where you use them in your home.

What are Epoxy Floor Coatings?

The reason why standard epoxy flooring takes a while to complete is that the cement underneath must undergo preparation first. Because there are several steps to clean and repair the cement before installing the new flooring system materials, it can require several days.

Epoxy floor coatings, on the other hand, offer a more straightforward installation, even if they don?t provide as much protection. While you still benefit from the defensive and water-resistant nature of resin, it isn?t as thick as actual epoxy floors.

That said, you can still get many years of service out of just one installation job, and maintenance is simple. We can assist you in achieving a uniform, longer-lasting surface with a great contractor team, delivering the best results for:

  • ? ? ? ? 100% Solids Coatings
  • ? ? ? ? Water-Based Epoxy Coatings
  • ? ? ? ? Solvent-Based Coatings
  • ? ? ? ? Epoxy Vapor Barriers
  • ? ? ? ? Coatings with Flakes
  • ? ? ? ? Antistatic Coating Options
  • ? ? ? ? Decorative Terrazzo Coatings
  • ? ? ? ? Mortar Epoxy Coatings
  • ? ? ? ? Self-Dispersing Options
  • ? ? ? ? Self-Leveling Coatings
  • ? ? ? ? Replacement Coating Services
  • ? ? ? ? New Floor Installations
  • ? ? ? ? And more epoxy floor coatings

Whatever areas you need help improving, or which rooms of your home need an upgrade, you should choose us. See why more local homeowners trust our installation service team when they need quality floor coatings and epoxy products.

Why Epoxy Floor Coatings?

While a coating to your garage floor or other surfaces won?t last quite as long as a full flooring system, it is fast and affordable. Rather than creating an entirely new flooring system, these products only adhere to the topmost layer of the existing area.

These options act kind of like a cap for your floor, rather than a different material altogether. But they still offer significant protection. You can look forward to surfaces that provide higher resistance to water, slips, falls, and stains.

Your installation still requires us to fix and prepare the surface before working, but it doesn?t need as much time. Instead of your project needing the entire weekend or more, we can complete your coating in a few hours.

See the difference Epoxy Floors Denver can make for you.

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