Although our advanced flooring solutions continue to grow their fan bases each year, not everyone knows about concrete floors or epoxy systems. That is why we compiled an FAQ with some of the most common questions we receive from Denver, CO homeowners.

Once you finish learning more about our best choices for interior flooring or outdoor paved surfaces, contact us for your project. See why more area homeowners continue to choose us at Epoxy Floors Denver for unique customized flooring options they can enjoy for years.

What is Epoxy Flooring?2019-07-02T02:26:23+00:00

Unlike carpet floors that use fibers, epoxy flooring is a resin system that pours on as a liquid. Because it depends on a chemical reaction between the epoxy and the hardening agent, it doesn?t need other installation materials.

Epoxy floors prove popular as they offer a solid, protective surface that can outperform traditional types of residential flooring options. They also are a cost-effective approach to floor installations, as they require little maintenance to remain in good shape.

Although you will need to schedule care to preserve the area, most homeowners find it to be the most affordable option for new floors. When you need something unique inside that defends against moisture, impact damage, and even heat, epoxy remains the best choice.

Is Epoxy Floor Coating Different Than Resin Flooring?2019-07-02T02:26:58+00:00

Like with decorative concrete versus polished systems, many people interchange terms when trying to discuss epoxy flooring systems with contractors. Epoxy flooring contains resin, which solidifies when it combines with the hardening agent. It is considered a two-part product.

When you buy Do-It-Yourself epoxy floor kits, they clearly mark the two as parts A and B, respectively. As soon as the two chemical halves come in contact with each other, it immediately starts to harden in place.

That is why we always recommend having our experienced epoxy flooring contractors provide you with better services and lower pricing. We can save you money on properly-installed beautiful new floors that you can enjoy for years after we finish the job.

How Long Does Polished Concrete Last?2019-07-02T02:27:24+00:00

Because your existing cement surfaces must remain in useable condition, we begin the process on a study area for excellent results. And since we know it?s in near-perfect condition from the get-go, you can rest easy knowing it will last longer.

Under the right installation conditions, it?s common to see your upgraded concrete surfaces last as long as 20 years. You will need to wash it periodically and fill in small cracks that develop, but overall maintenance is minimal.

When the topmost layer starts to look cloudy, we usually can grind and reseal it to extend the lifespan. When you look at the small amount of work and its long service life, polished concrete outperforms any traditional flooring materials and systems.

Are There Different Types of Epoxy for Flooring?2019-07-02T02:28:03+00:00

The difference in epoxy materials often comes down to the ratio of water to solids. A 100% solids epoxy tends to solidify into a thicker, denser surface compared to water-based installation products.

Other than that, there isn?t much of a difference between one installation service and another. It mostly depends on your preferences. No matter which type of epoxy resin systems you choose, you can still add color, texture, and patterns quite easily.

There are varied shades and sheens of epoxy floors, but the installation process remains virtually the same for all of them. Your preferences, as well as your desired finished effect, are what will determine the completed appearance of the floor.

Which is Better, Epoxy or Decorative Concrete Flooring?2019-07-02T02:28:46+00:00

Many homeowners want us to compare and contrast our different services and to explain which is the preferred indoor option. The answer is, it depends on what it is you are trying to accomplish with your new flooring materials.

Polished concrete can improve your indoor temperatures, as well as enhance how bright your rooms stay by reflecting light. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, proves useful for spaces that get more use and heavy foot traffic, such as your kitchen.

Polished cement is great for achieving improved beauty and value. Resin flooring protects against impact damage and enhances safety. Both systems can have their place and considerations in your home, and Epoxy Floors Denver installs them every day.

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